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Review Board 3.0.6 发布,在线代码审查工具
达尔文 2018年04月12日

Review Board 3.0.6 发布,在线代码审查工具

达尔文 达尔文 发布于2018年04月12日 收藏 4

Review Board 3.0.6 发布,新版本修复了一些小问题,改进了源代码管理兼容性和 UI 交互

改进 E-mail

  • Using rbt post --submit-as and then publishing the review request once again sends out e-mails on behalf of the owner of the review request instead of the logged-in user.

  • Links to comments in e-mails resolve correctly.


  • Fixed problems fetching some files using GitLab API version 4, depending on how the diff was uploaded.

  • Fixed timezone-related problems looking up or posting Bazaar changes and browsing Mercurial commits.

修复 UI 回归

  • The Description/Testing Done text fields once again grow to fit when adding lines and shrink when removing them.

  • Revoking a Ship It now immediately crosses out the "Ship It" text on a review.


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