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Glide 4.7.0 发布,Android 图片加载和缓存库
达尔文 2018年04月12日

Glide 4.7.0 发布,Android 图片加载和缓存库

达尔文 达尔文 发布于2018年04月12日 收藏 9

Glide 4.7.0 已发布,Glide 是一个 Android 上的图片加载和缓存库,其目的是实现平滑的图片列表滚动效果。



  • Added support for data Uris when they're provided as Uris (17c1c3d)

  • Improved scrolling performance by optimizing some Glide internal calls (7664c82, d7635bd, 7ff3bde, thanks to paulsowden@)

  • Added support for downsampling in VideoBitmapDecoder (97d130d)

  • Provide better default names for annotation generated classes (58bcf53, thanks to @SUPERCILEX)

Bug 修复

  • Improved handling of cancellation in VolleyStreamFetcher (a690f38)

  • Improved handling of TRIM_MEMORY_RUNNING_CRITICAL (d939314, thanks to @ygnessin)

  • Avoid delaying the first few requests started in Fragments or Activities by defaulting RequestManagers to started when the containing Activity or Fragment is started (7d1898e)

  • Fixed failures in annotation processor for classes with _ in the package name (99723e3, thanks to @TWiStErRob)

  • Obey themes when retrieving drawables when the appcompat support library is present (5212e95, thanks to @julianostarek)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause loading another application's launcher icon to fail if the calling application's support library version didn't match exactly (f508d7c)

  • Fixed a bug where a pixel was swapped in the output of GifDecoder (7fb8b12, thanks to @mtopolnik)


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