Tomcat 9.0.7 发布,多项改进和 Bug 修复

发布于 2018年04月09日
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Tomcat 9.0.7 发布了,详细改进记录包括:


  • 51195: Avoid a false positive report of a web application memory leak by clearing ObjectStreamClass$Caches of classes loaded by the web application when the web application is stopped. (markt)

  • 52688: Add support for the maxDays attribute to the AccessLogValve and ExtendedAccessLogValve. This allows the maximum number of days for which rotated access logs should be retained before deletion to be defined. (markt)

  • Ensure the MBean names for the SSLHostConfig and  SSLHostConfigCertificate are correctly formed when the  Connector is bound to a specific IP address. (markt)

  • 62168: When using the PersistentManager honor a value of -1 for minIdleSwap and do not swap out sessions to keep the number of active sessions under  maxActive. Patch provided by Holger Sunke. (markt)

  • 62172: Improve Javadoc for  org.apache.catalina.startup.Constants and ensure that the constants are correctly used. (markt)

  • 62175: Avoid infinite recursion, when trying to validate a session while loading it with PersistentManager. (fschumacher)

  • Ensure that NamingContextListener instances are only notified once of property changes on the associated naming resources. (markt)

  • 62224: Disable the forkJoinCommonPoolProtectionof the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener when running on Java 9 and above since the underlying JRE bug has been fixed. (markt)


  • Avoid potential loop in APR/Native poller. (markt)

  • Ensure streams that are received but not processed are excluded from the tracking of maximum ID of processed streams. (markt)

  • Refactor the check for a paused connector to consistently prevent new streams from being created after the connector has been paused. (markt)

  • Improve debug logging for HTTP/2 pushed streams. (markt)

  • The OpenSSL engine SSL session will now ignore invalid accesses. (remm)

  • 62177: Correct two protocol errors with HTTP/2  PUSH_PROMISE frames. Firstly, the HTTP/2 protocol only permits pushes to be sent on peer initiated requests. Secondly, pushes must be sent in order of increasing stream ID. These restriction were not being enforced leading to protocol errors at the client. (markt)

Web applications

  • Add document for FragmentationInterceptor. (kfujino)

  • Document how the roles for an authenticated user are determined when the  CombinedRealm is used. (markt)

  • 62163: Correct the Tomcat Setup documentation that incorrectly referred to Java 7 as the minimum version rather than Java 8. (markt)


  • Add JMX support for FragmentationInterceptor in order to prevent warning of startup. (kfujino)


  • Ensure that SQLWarning has been cleared when connection returns to the pool. (kfujino)

  • Enable clearing of SQLWarning via JMX. (kfujino)

  • Ensure that parameters have been cleared when  PreparedStatement and/or CallableStatement are cached. (kfujino)

  • Enable PoolCleaner to be started even if validationQueryis not set. (kfujino)


  • Update the build script so MD5 hashes are no longer generated for releases as per the change in the ASF distribution policy. (markt)

  • 62164: Switch the build script to use TLS for downloads from SourceForge and Maven Central to avoid failures due to HTTP to HTTPS redirects. (markt)

  • Always report the OS's umask when launching the JVM. (schultz)

  • Add managed connections package to the package renamed DBCP2 to provide a complete DBCP2 in Tomcat. (remm)

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