Apache Solr 7.3.0 发布,Java 全文搜索服务器

发布于 2018年04月07日
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Apache Solr 7.3.0 已发布,Apache Solr (读音: SOLer) 是一个开源的搜索服务器。Solr 使用 Java 语言开发,主要基于 HTTP 和 Apache Lucene 实现。


  1. SOLR-11748: The throttling mechanism used to limit the rate of autoscaling events processed has been removed. This deprecates the 'actionThrottlePeriodSeconds' setting in the set-properties Autoscaling API which is now a no-op. Use the 'triggerCooldownPeriodSeconds' instead to pause event processing.

  2. SOLR-11798: The top-level <highlighting> syntax in solrconfig.xml is now formally deprecated in favour of <searchComponent> equivalent syntax. See also SOLR-1696.

  3. SOLR-11809: QueryComponent's rq parameter parsing no longer considers the defType parameter.

  4. SOLR-11747: The behaviour of the autoscaling system has been modified to pause all triggers from execution between the start of actions and end of cool down period. The triggers will be resumed after the cool down period expires. Previously, the cool down period was a fixed period started after actions for a trigger event complete and during this time, all triggers continued to run but any events were rejected to be tried later.

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