MariaDB 10.2.14 发布,新增磁盘空间监视插件

发布于 2018年03月28日
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MariaDB 10.2.14 发布了。MariaDB 主要由开源社区在维护,采用 GPL 授权许可。 MariaDB 的目的是完全兼容 MySQL,包括 API 和命令行。

Notable Changes

  • Added the DISKS plugin, for monitoring disk space

  • MDEV-14611 - ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION does not work properly when used with DATA DIRECTORY.

  • MDEV-15333 - MariaDB (still) slow start

  • MDEV-12255 - Wrong result with innodb_prefix_index_cluster_optimization

  • MDEV-12396 - IMPORT TABLESPACE cleanup

  • MDEV-14648 - Restore fix for MySQL BUG#39053 - UNINSTALL PLUGIN does not allow the storage engine to cleanup open connections

  • MDEV-15249 - IMPORT fixes

  • MDEV-14988 - innodb_read_only tries to modify files if transactions were recovered in COMMITTED state

  • MDEV-14773 - DROP TABLE hangs for InnoDB table with FULLTEXT index (fixing a recent regression from upstream)

  • MDEV-15529 - IMPORT TABLESPACE unnecessarily uses the doublewrite buffer

  • MDEV-15554 - InnoDB page_cleaner shutdown sometimes hangs

  • MDEV-14545 - Mariabackup - Backup fails due to MLOG_INDEX_LOAD record

有关 MariaDB 10.2.14 所做更改的完整列表,请查看 changelog

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