Apache PDFBox 2.0.9 发布,Java 的 PDF 处理类库

发布于 2018年03月25日
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Apache PDFBox 2.0.9 已发布,Apache PDFBox 库是一个开源的用于处理 PDF 文档的 Java 工具。

这是针对 2.0.8 版本的增量修补发行版,包含一些修复和小改进,主要包括:

  • [PDFBOX-1848] Time Stamp Document Level Sigature

  • [PDFBOX-2092] Very slow rendering of scanned document

  • [PDFBOX-3340] Image decoded twice without a real need

  • [PDFBOX-3984] Add validation data of signer to document

  • [PDFBOX-3992] Implement show text with positioning operator (TJ)

  • [PDFBOX-3998] Inform the user when not using KCMS with jdk8 or higher + set KCMS 

  • in cli

  • [PDFBOX-4020] Into existing signature embedded signed timestamp for validation

  • [PDFBOX-4022] Cache ColorSpace instances in PDColorSpace.java

  • [PDFBOX-4024] YCbCr JPEGs not implemented

  • [PDFBOX-4025] Other page sizes than US Letter should be selectable in TextToPDF

  • [PDFBOX-4040] Get/set Viewports in PDPage

  • [PDFBOX-4119] KCMS takes too much time

  • [PDFBOX-4121] (-Dorg.apache.pdfbox.rendering.UsePureJavaCMYKConversion=true) 

  • takes much time

  • [PDFBOX-4137] Allow subsampled/downscaled rendering of images, and rendering 

  • subimages

  • [PDFBOX-4139] Optimize memory footprint of CID mappings within CMaps

  • [PDFBOX-4142] Don't use md5 checksum due to changes to the release distribuition 

  • policy

  • [PDFBOX-4150] Optimize clipping text rendering modes


  • [PDFBOX-3198] Visible Signature N2 layer / Support signature with text

  • [PDFBOX-4106] Vertical text creation

  • [PDFBOX-4117] Implement GoToE action-type



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