Retrofit 2.4.0 发布,Android 的 REST 客户端

发布于 2018年03月19日
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Retrofit 2.4.0 已发布,Retrofit 是一个类型安全的 REST 客户端,用于 Android 平台。该版本引入了一些新特性,以及修复 bug。


  • New: Retrofit.Builder exposes mutable lists of the added converter and call adapter factories.

  • New: Call adapter added for Scala's Future.

  • New: Converter for JAXB replaces the now-deprecated converter for Simple XML Framework.

  • New: Add Java 9 automatic module names for each artifact corresponding to their root package.

  • Fix: Do not swallow Errors from callbacks (usually OutOfMemoryError).

  • Fix: Moshi and Gson converters now assert that the full response was consumed. This prevents hiding bugs in faulty adapters which might not have consumed the full JSON input which would then cause failures on the next request over that connection.

  • Fix: Do not conflate OkHttp Call cancelation with RxJava unsubscription/disposal. Prior to this change, canceling of a Call would prevent a cancelation exception from propagating down the Rx stream.


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