Phaser 3.2.0 Kaori 发布,优秀的 HTML5 游戏框架

发布于 2018年03月10日
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Phaser 3.2.0 Kaori 发布。Phaser 是一款非常优秀的 HTML5 游戏框架,致力于发展 PC 端和移动端的 HTML5 游戏,是一款不可多得的神器。基于 Pixi.js,支持桌面和移动 Web 浏览器。游戏可以通过第三方工具编译成 iOS、Android 和原生桌面应用。 可使用 JavaScript 或 TypeScript 进行开发。



  • The new Render Texture Game Object is now available. You can clear, fill and draw texture frames to it. The Render Texture itself can be displayed in-game with its own transform, or you can use it as a Bitmap Mask for another Game Object.

  • Game.resize allows you to resize the game config, renderer and input system in one call.

  • When Game.resize is called it causes all Scene.Systems to have their resize method called. This is turn emits a resize event which your Scene can respond to. It will be sent the new width and height of the canvas as the only two parameters.

  • InputManager.resize allows you to update the bounds def and input scale in one call.

  • Game.Config.roundPixels property added to prevent sub-pixel interpolation during rendering of Game Objects in WebGL and Canvas.

Bug 修复

  • Arcade Physics Bodies didn't apply the results of allowRotation to the parent Game Object.

  • InputManager.updateBounds wouldn't correctly get the bounds of the canvas if it had horizontal or vertical translation in the page, causing the scale factor to be off (and subsequently input values to mis-fire)

  • TileSprite.setFrame now works and allows you to change the frame to any other in the texture. Fix #3232 (thanks @Jerenaux)

  • Swapped the queue loop in the SceneManager to to use _queue.length rather than a cached length (thanks @srobertson421)

  • When calling ScenePlugin.launch the data argument is now passed to the queued scenes (thanks @gaudeon)



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v3 已经不基于 pixijs 了