Infinispan 9.2.0.Final 发布,分布式集群缓存系统

发布于 2018年03月02日
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Infinispan 9.2.0.Final 已发布,命名为 "Gaina" 。

该版本包含大量改进和修复,其中 Core 改进部分如下:

  • Conflict resolution
    Automatic conflict resolution after a partition merge is now supported for all partition handling strategies and is enabled by default. Furthermore, it is now possible to deploy custom EntryMergePolicy implementations to the server

  • Reactive streams-based distributed Iteration improvements
    Distributed iterator now uses less threads and allows for efficient parallel retrieval providing for improved throughput

  • Biased reads for scattered caches
    Originator can read the ‘backup’ copy locally until the data gets overwritten again. Together with improved read performance this migrates data to nodes that use it. 

  • Off-heap sizing 
    Off-heap requires less overhead per entry and provides for more accurate sizing allowing you to maximize your memory used

  • Exception based eviction 
    A new "eviction" that instead of removing old entries prevents new entries being inserted (supported by all memory storage and eviction types)



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