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GitLab 10.5.2 补丁版本发布,修复 Bug
王练 2018年02月28日

GitLab 10.5.2 补丁版本发布,修复 Bug

王练 王练 发布于2018年02月28日 收藏 0

GitLab 发布了 10.5.2 补丁版本,主要用于解决 10.5 版本中的一些回归和错误。


  • CE/EES/EEP: Avoid slow File Lock checks when not used

  • CE/EES/EEP: Only check LFS integrity for first branch in push

  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix bug for MR stating "Could not connect to the CI server"

  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix bug when loading an invalid upload URL

  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix bug when checking for a repo in GitAccessWiki

  • CE/EES/EEP: Enable "Legacy Authorization" by default when creating a Cluster on GCP

  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix stacked progress bar bug

  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix bug when attempting to update tracked field for read-only DB

  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix bug to allow branchnames to be named the same as the commit it points to

  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix bug for sidekiq metrics

  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix issue with CI cache key being empty when variable used as the key

  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix bug where diff errors displayed unnecessarily

  • CE/EES/EEP: Improve query performance for Dashboard::SnippetsController#index

  • CE/EES/EEP: Performance improvements when searching for Project members

  • CE/EES/EEP: Improve performance of searching for and auto completing of users

  • CE/EES/EEP: Performance improvements regarding feature flags

  • EES/EEP: Fix performance bar bug

  • EEP: Fix Geo bug uninitialized constant Gitlab::Geo::SignatureTimeInvalidError

  • Omnibus: Fix bug where nginx['redirect_http_to_https'] is ignored

  • Omnibus: Geo: Support a custom database login for PostgreSQL FDW to work with pgbouncer

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