Apache Qpid Dispatch 1.0.1 发布,消息队列路由

发布于 2018年02月27日
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Apache Qpid Dispatch 1.0.1 已发布。Qpid Dispatch 是高级消息队列 Protocol 1.0 的路由,提供了 AMQP 端点之间灵活且可扩展的相互连接。

这是一个 bug 修复版本:

  • DISPATCH-874 - unable to load .json or .woff2 files from local file system from http port

  • DISPATCH-881 - Inbound pre-settled messages causes memory leak of deliveries

  • DISPATCH-882 - router buffers messages for slow presettled receiver

  • DISPATCH-883 - Router crashes when it processes management request for connections

  • DISPATCH-887 - Dispatch reestablishes connection inspite of deleting the connector

  • DISPATCH-889 - linkRoute patterns beginning with #/string match substrings after the /

  • DISPATCH-895 - qpid-dispatch crashes with a SEGFAULT in libqpid-proton

  • DISPATCH-900 - Memory leak when repeatedly opening and closing connections

  • DISPATCH-908 - Router loses dispositions over receive link on qpid-interop-test 2-node test

  • DISPATCH-914 - qd_connector_t leaks mutexes

  • DISPATCH-920 - Enabled policy blocks inter-router links


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