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NumPy v1.14.1 发布,Python 科学计算包
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NumPy v1.14.1 发布,Python 科学计算包

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NumPy 是一个 Python 基础科学计算包,包含:

  • 一个强大的N维数组对象

  • sophisticated (broadcasting) functions

  • tools for integrating C/C++ and Fortran code

  • 有用的线性代数、傅立叶转换和随机数生成函数

NumPy v1.14.1 已发布,这是针对 1.14.0 版本报告的一些 bug 的修补版本。主要解决如下问题:

  • Problems with the new array printing, particularly the printing of complex values, Please report any additional problems that may turn up.

  • Problems with np.einsum due to the new optimized=True default. Some fixes for optimization have been applied and optimize=False is now the default.

  • The sort order in np.unique when axis=<some-number> will now always be lexicographic in the subarray elements. In previous NumPy versions there was an optimization that could result in sorting the subarrays as unsigned byte strings.

  • The change in 1.14.0 that multi-field indexing of structured arrays returns a view instead of a copy has been reverted but remains on track for NumPy 1.15. Affected users should read the 1.14.1 Numpy User Guide section "basics/structured arrays/accessing multiple fields" for advice on how to manage this transition.

另外,需注意的是,本版本支持的 Python 版本是 2.7 以及 3.4 - 3.6 。在2019 年 1 月 1 日之后发布的新功能将只支持 Python 3。


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