Spring Cloud Stream Elmhurst.RC1/2.0.0.RC1 发布

发布于 2018年02月24日
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Spring Cloud Stream Elmhurst 的候选版 Elmhurst.RC1/2.0.0.RC1 已发布,Spring Cloud Stream Elmhurst 2.0.0.RC1 可在 Spring Milestone 仓库获取到。

发布说明包含了与 Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring AMQP, 以及 Spring for Apache Kafka 版本兼容性的相关信息。



  • Polling Source as an alternative to the event-driven message consumption.

  • Custom MessageConverters via @StreamMessageConverter annotation.

  • New Test Binder - a binder backed by Spring Integration to support testing at the level of binder destinations rather then its internal channels.

  • Actuator endpoints for binding control - allows one to not only see the existing bindings but to manage their lifecycle (i.e., stop/start etc)

  • Micrometer, micrometer, micrometer! - Metrics support is now based on Micrometer

  • Complete revamping of Kafka Streams binder - details to follow.


  • Improved and consistent Content-Type negotiation

  • StreamListener Infrastructure enhancements to deal with multiple destinations

  • Configurable RetryTemplate

  • Configurable Web environment - optional by default yet giving user a choice to bring reactive (Netty) or conventional (Tomcat) based on the provided boot starter.

  • Partitioning is now Spring configured - providing for more user flexibility when customizations around partitioning is required.

  • Actuator is becoming optional -

  • Initializer (start.spring.io) improvements - improved user experience when creating new Spring Cloud Stream applications.

其他各种增强功能和 bug 修复

最后,开发团队表示 2.0.0.RELEASE 将会在接下来的几个星期完成,点此查看发布主页

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