Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.21-20 发布

发布于 2018年02月22日
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Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.21-20 已发布,基于 MySQL 5.7.21,包含其中的所有错误修复。Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.21-20 是目前 5.7 系列的最新稳定版本。更新如下:


  • A new string variable version_suffix allows to change suffix for the Percona Server version string returned by the read-only version variable. Also version_comment is converted from a global read-only to a global read-write variable.

  • A new keyring_vault_timeout variable allows to set the amount of seconds for the Vault server connection timeout. Bug fixed #298.

Bug 修复

  • mysqld startup script was unable to detect jemalloc library location for preloading, and that prevented starting Percona Server on systemd based machines. Bugs fixed #3784 and #3791.

  • There was a problem with fulltext search, which could find a word with punctuation marks in natural language mode only, but not in boolean mode. Bugs fixed #258#2501 (upstream #86164).

  • Build errors were present on FreeBSD (caused by fixing the bug #255 in Percona Server 5.6.38-83.0) and on MacOS (caused by fixing the bug #264 in Percona Server 5.7.20-19). Bugs fixed #2284 and #2286.

  • A bunch of fixes was introduced to remove GCC 7 compilation warnings for
    the Percona Server build. Bugs fixed #3780 (upstream #89420#89421, and #89422).

  • CMake error took place at compilation with bundled zlib. Bug fixed #302.

  • A GCC 7 warning fix introduced regression in Percona Server that led to a wrong SQL query built to access the remote server when Federated storage engine was used. Bug fixed #1134.

  • It was possible to enable encrypt_binlog with no binary or relay logging enabled. Bug fixed #287.

  • Long buffer wait times where occurring on busy servers in case of the IMPORT TABLESPACE command.

  • Bug fixed #276.

  • Server queries that contained JSON special characters and were logged by Audit Log Plugin in JSON format caused invalid output due to lack of escaping. Bug fixed #1115.

  • Percona Server now uses Travis CI for additional tests. Bug fixed #3777.

其他 bug 修复:#257,  #264,  #1090  (upstream #78048),  #1109,  #1127,  #2204,  #2414,  #2415,  #3767,  #3794, 和  #3804 (upstream #89598).

该版本包含对以下 CVE 漏洞的修复: CVE-2018-2565, CVE-2018-2573, CVE-2018-2576, CVE-2018-2583, CVE-2018-2586, CVE-2018-2590, CVE-2018-2612, CVE-2018-2600, CVE-2018-2622, CVE-2018-2640, CVE-2018-2645, CVE-2018-2646, CVE-2018-2647, CVE-2018-2665, CVE-2018-2667, CVE-2018-2668, CVE-2018-2696

MyRocks 和 TokuDB 也有变更,详细点此查看:


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