TortoiseGit 2.6.0 正式发布,Git 客户端

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作者: 淡漠悠然
2018-02-22 09:16:00

TortoiseGit 2.6.0 正式发布了。这是与 MsysGit 1.9.5 兼容的最后一个版本(例如,Git for Windows <1.9.5)。

TortoiseGit (海龟Git)是 TortoiseSVN 的 Git 版本,tortoisegit 用于迁移 TortoiseSVN 到 TortoiseGit,一直以来 Git 在 Windows 平台没有好用 GUI 客户端,现在 tortoisegit 的出现给 Windows 开发者带来福音。


  • Fixed issue #3089: Show parent SHA1 on cherry picking a merge commit

  • Fixed issue #3052: Filename autocomplete in commit dialog ignores filenames starting with underscores

  • TortoiseGitMerge now uses native ribbon instead of MFC wrapped

  • This results in a noticeable speed up (cf. issue #1616) and also fixes issues with rounded corners for maximized windows (cf. issue #1767)

  • Fixed issue #3107: Clean: Allow to remove orphaned submodules (i.e., clean -f -f)

  • Fixed issue #3126: Add an option to show all refs of a commit in the log (all refs are shown now by default)

  • Fixed issue #3116: Revision graph: add ability to delete branches

  • Fixed issue #3121: Create shorter branch names when checking out a commit

  • Commit now informs the user if there is a conflict hint in the commit message (line starting with "# Conflicts:")

  • Fixed issue #3137: Add TortoiseGit to Win10 default program list

  • Fixed issue #3141: bisect: add good/bad continue options to progress dialog

  • Add support for github's new client protocol (x-github-client)

  • Fixed issue #3160: Close TortoiseGitBlame window by ESC key (you might need to reset keyboard shortcut settings manually)



for 32-bit Windows for 64-bit Windows
Download TortoiseGit 2.6.0 - 32-bit (~13.8 MiB) Download TortoiseGit 2.6.0 - 64-bit (~16.0 MiB)
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