McCLIM 0.9.7 "Imbolc" 发布,接口管理规范

发布于 2018年02月18日
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McCLIM 0.9.7 "Imbolc" 发布了。McCLIM是Common Lisp接口管理(CLIM)规范(CLIM II Specification)的一个开源实现,用来在Common Lisp里编写GUI程序的强大的工具集。目前只能运行于x window环境下。


  • Bug fix: tab-layout fixes.

  • Bug fix: formatting-table fixes.

  • Bug fix: scrolling and viewport fixes and refactor.

  • Feature: raster image draw backend extension.

  • Feature: bezier curves extension.

  • Feature: new tests and demos in clim-examples.

  • Feature: truetype rendering is now default on clx.

  • Feature: additions to region, clipping rectangles and drawing.

  • Feature: clim-debugger and clim-listener improvmenets.

  • Feature: mop is now done with CLOSER-MOP.

  • Feature: threading is now done with BORDEAUX-THREADS.

  • Feature: clx-fb backend (poc of framebuffer-based backend).

  • Feature: assumption that all panes must be mirrored has been removed.

  • Cleanup: many files cleaned up from style warnings and such.

  • Cleanup: removal of PIXIE.

  • Cleanup: removal of CLIM-FFI package.

  • Cleanup: changes to directory structure and asd definitions.

  • Cleanup: numerous manual additions and corrections.

  • Cleanup: broken backends has been removed.

  • Cleanup: goatee has been removed in favour of Drei.

  • Cleanup: all methods have now corresponding generic function declarations.

详细更新内容欢迎查看:McCLIM bloggit log 和 issue tracker.


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