Gitlab 10.4.4 发布,安全更新和 Bug 修复

发布于 2018年02月18日
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Gitlab 发布 10.4.4 版本,该版本主要是安全方面修复以及 bug 修复,包括:

Security (1 change)

  • Update nokogiri to 1.8.2. !16807

Fixed (9 changes)

  • Fix 500 error when loading a merge request with an invalid comment. !16795

  • Cleanup new branch/merge request form in issues. !16854

  • Fix GitLab import leaving group_id on ProjectLabel. !16877

  • Fix forking projects when no restricted visibility levels are defined applicationwide. !16881

  • Resolve PrepareUntrackedUploads PostgreSQL syntax error. !17019

  • Fixed error 500 when removing an identity with synced attributes and visiting the profile page. !17054

  • Validate user namespace before saving so that errors persist on model.

  • LDAP Person no longer throws exception on invalid entry.

  • Fix JIRA not working when a trailing slash is included.

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