wxWidgets 3.1.1 candidate 发布,添加一些改进

发布于 2018年02月08日
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wxWidgets 是一个开源的跨平台的C++构架库(framework),它可以提供 GUI(图形用户界面)和其它工具。

wxWidgets 3.1.1 候选版本发布,与3.0版本相比,此版本有几个向后不兼容的更改。


  • - Support for gesture events has been added (GSoC 2017 project).

  • - wxWebView can now return JavaScript results to the C++ code (GSoC 2017).

  • - New wxSecretStore class for securely storing user passwords.


  • - wxWidgets can now be built with CMake too.

  • - Strings can now be translated differently depending on their context.

  • - Converting between wxString and UTF-8 encoded std::string is now

  •   simpler and unsafe wxString can now be disabled on the opt-in basis

  •   (see http://wxwidgets.blogspot.com/2017/02/safer-s.html)

  • - It is possible to use any window (e.g. wxCheckBox) as wxStaticBox label now.

  • - Many improvements to accessibility support under MSW.

  • - wxGraphicsContext now supports pens with fractional widths.

  • - Support for XDG file layout under Unix.

  • - Many bug fixes to the behaviour (including TAB navigation) and appearances,

  •   especially in wxGTK3 and wxOSX ports.

  • - wxDataViewCtrl items and headers can be formatted using simple markup

  •   and it is simpler to combine to put items with checkboxes into it. Many bugs

  •   and inconsistencies between platforms in this control have been fixed too.

  • - Several enhancements to wxStyledTextCtrl including better support for

  •   custom lexers and auto-completion.

  • - Many improvements to the (still experimental) wxQt port.



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