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Apache Lens 2.7.1 发布,bug 修复版本
周其 2018年02月07日

Apache Lens 2.7.1 发布,bug 修复版本

周其 周其 发布于2018年02月07日 收藏 5


Apache Lens 2.7.1 发布了,此版本包含多维数据集分割,跨数据联合等功能,完成源数据检查和其他的错误修复和改进。


Bug 修复:

  • [LENS-773] - Wrong Cost Calculation in case of HIVE Dimension Query

  • [LENS-1264] - Group by promotion not happening with aggregate dim attributes

  • [LENS-1267] - Instances which are in waiting state while restart are not getting resumed

  • [LENS-1274] - Saved query table create failure shouldn't stop lens server from starting

  • [LENS-1275] - Launch Time should be set before executeAsync is called on selected driver

  • [LENS-1282] - getUpdatedQueryContext() call is missing from QueryExecutionServiceImpl#executeTimeoutInternal

  • [LENS-1288] - example-job.xml in example schema isn't up to date with recent xsd changes

  • [LENS-1289] - Fact column start_time and end_time not getting reflected with update fact command

  • [LENS-1300] - Queries submissions are not getting rejected on sessions marked for close

  • [LENS-1306] - Wrong hsql query is created when there are multiple facts and no dimension.

  • [LENS-1307] - execute_with_timout not timing out after timeout time

  • [LENS-1308] - User config loader database calls not inserting entries

  • [LENS-1319] - Lens Client doesn't provide the option to pass query conf while submitting the query

  • [LENS-1323] - TestRemoteHiveDriver#testMultiThreadClient failing in pre-commit builds

  • [LENS-1326] - session/sessions API returning no data on GUI/API though there are active sessions



Lens 提供了一个统一数据分析接口。通过提供一个跨多个数据存储的单一视图来实现数据分析任务切分,同时优化了执行的环境。无缝的集成 Hadoop 实现类似传统数据仓库的功能。


  • 简单元数据层为数据存储提供抽象视图层

  • 单一的共享模式服务器,基于 Hive 元存储。模式通过数据管道 HCatalog 和分析应用进行共享:

    • OLAP Cube QL 类似 SQL 的高级语言用来查询和描述存放在不同数据立方体 (Cubes) 中的数据集

    • JDBC 驱动和 Java 客户端库来处理查询

    • Lens 应用服务器 - 这是一个 REST 服务器允许用户查询数据,更改数据模型,调度查询和查询的配额限制

    • 基于驱动的架构 允许在报表系统中进行嵌入,例如 Hive、列数据存储、Redshift 等

    • 基于成本算法的引擎选择 - 该算法可优化资源的使用,通过对查询的复杂度自动选择最佳执行引擎

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