Apache Geode 1.4.0 发布,数据管理平台

发布于 2018年02月06日
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Apache Geode 1.4.0 已发布,Apache Geode 是一个数据管理平台,提供实时的、一致的、贯穿整个云架构地访问数据关键型应用。

Geode 1.4.0包含许多改进和错误修复。本版本包括一个简单的JDBC连接器,可以读取和写入后面的任何没有任何自定义的RDBMS代码,使索引嵌套字段对lucene索引,优化内存,以减少CPU消耗。建议用户升级到最新版本。


  • Combines redundancy, replication, and a "shared nothing" persistence architecture to deliver fail-safe reliability and performance.

  • Horizontally scalable to thousands of cache members, with multiple cache topologies to meet different enterprise needs. The cache can be distributed across multiple computers.

  • Asynchronous and synchronous cache update propagation.

  • Delta propagation distributes only the difference between old and new versions of an object (delta) instead of the entire object, resulting in significant distribution cost savings.

  • Reliable asynchronous event notifications and guaranteed message delivery through optimized, low latency distribution layer.

  • Data awareness and real-time business intelligence. If data changes as you retrieve it, you see the changes immediately.

  • Integration with Spring Framework to speed and simplify the development of scalable, transactional enterprise applications.

  • JTA compliant transaction support.

  • Cluster-wide configurations that can be persisted and exported to other clusters.

  • Remote cluster management through HTTP.

  • REST APIs for REST-enabled application development.

  • Rolling upgrades may be possible, but they will be subject to any limitations imposed by new features.



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