Code::Blocks (6271) 发布,C++开发环境

发布于 2010年05月23日
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CodeBlocks 是一款非常好用的C/C++开发环境,可以自己配置编译器,轻巧方便,支持众多插件,功能完善,而且完全开源,是C/C++开发者一个优先选择。



  • Fixed: A bug in "Advanced Options" page of wxWidgets Project wizard. (Thanks Hans Henrik for pointing this)
  • KeyBinder 1.0.49 2010/03/3 : Apply patch 2885 by techy
  • CppCheck plug-in : switch to input file list style of the new cppcheck (1.41)
  • Build fix for SqPlus.
  • Fixed: Compiler warning - "warning: 'dllimport' attribute ignored"
  • fixed a bug on linux: the list of plugins that should be loaded in batch-build-mode was not saved
  • cc: applied patch by Loaden to fix VC header parsing
  • cc: some code cleanup, additional debug messages
  • fixed a typo in sqstdstring.cpp
  • fix for bug #17097 (Manager panel incorrect behaviour), also changes the behaviour of logger tabs, they now get toggled instead of closed, if close_on_all_tabs is active and the close-button is clicked (fix the bug described here:,12450.0.html)
  • CC: bug fix for GetGCCCompilerDirs failed in Archlinux (thanks Loaden)
  • applied patch for wizard's default compiler error (thanks Loaden)
  • CC: fix 'Tokenizer::FixArgument' bug: support skip C++ comment (thanks Loaden)
  • CC: Fix a bug for ' extern "C++" ' (thanks Loaden)
  • Applied: [Patch #2974] adjust path to scintilla in "plugin::ScriptedWizard"
  • Applied: [Patch #2969] to wxWidgets wizard.
  • fixed possible crash candidate
  • Applied: [Patch #2977] PATCH for wxSmith, fixed the min size preview bug.
  • Fixed: Typo in changelog of
  • prepared new logo


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哈哈,你没有找对地方,CocdeBlocks一直在更新,每隔一两个月就更新一次,从来没有间断过。在论坛里的 Nightly builds 发布。