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TeamCity 2017.2.2 发布,持续集成工具
达尔文 2018年02月01日

TeamCity 2017.2.2 发布,持续集成工具

达尔文 达尔文 发布于2018年02月01日 收藏 3

TeamCity 2017.2.2 发布了。此次更新修复了 100 多个问题,包含安全和性能的修复。Build 50909使用与所有2017.2.x版本相同的数据格式,您可以根据需要随意升级或降级。主要更新内容如下:


  • TW-11993 — Display progress for agent-side SVN checkouts

  • TW-24481 — Smooth out VCS root polling

  • TW-52060 — Provide docker images for Windows 1709

  • TW-52309 — MSBuild 15 in agent docker container

  • TW-53048 — Powershell runner: show script content in build configuration settings view tab

  • TW-53149 — Delete unused personal patches

  • TW-53150 — Ability to limit personal patch by size

  • TW-53501 — Add ability to customise IDE error messages from TeamCity server


  • TW-47828 — Installed Tools order

  • TW-52632 — "Changes" page: sections are expanded/collapsed by themselves

  • TW-52898 — make runAll.bat more userfriendly (confusing Looking for installed Java.. output)

  • TW-53069 — Branch name on build and history pages is splited with spans so it's hard to copy

  • TW-53464 — Confusing IDE outdated plugin (without authentication support) behavior

Bug 修复

  • TW-10952 — Cannot save long passwords for SVN VCS roots: "The password is too long. Please shorten the password."

  • TW-42408 — Wrong revision used for builds in build chain with snapshot dependencies on branch merging

  • TW-47440 — UI can stop refreshing after connection to server lost and restored

  • TW-49988 — Schedule Trigger with "Trigger only if there are pending changes" feature sometimes trigger build with no new changes

  • TW-49996 — Trigger (schedule) can skip triggering a build after trigger settings editing


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