dejaVu 1.4.0 发布,ElasticSearch 的 Web UI 工具

发布于 2018年01月24日
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dejaVu 是一款较为安全的数据在线处理工具,也是一个 ElasticSearch 的 Web UI 工具,用户不用担心被非法入侵。与传统的数据处理工具相比,dejaVu 的界面更具风格,在用户的交互方面,dejaVu 也更人性化,比如,dejaVu 支持无页面重新加载,无限滚动,创建过滤器视图等。

dejaVu 1.4.0 版本带来了许多使用体验上的改进,以及对新手入门门槛的改进。 此外,还包括一些重要的 bug 修复。具体如下:


  • Increase scroll_time to 5m from 1m to ensure timeout doesn't happen on bigger downloads #145

  • Start an app in "Editing" mode by default if there is no data.

  • Show types whether they have data or not.

  • Reload button now updates both the new types as well as data changes.

  • Stopped periodic fetching of /_mapping endpoint to update types, reducing the overall requests dejavu makes.

  • Show an option to add a "Data Field" in the center when no data is present in the view.

  • Show a warning message when a user tries to connect to an ES cluster on http:// scheme while the browser is using https:// scheme.

  • Show an error modal when a user tries to connect to an index that doesn't yet exist (applicable to an Elasticsearch cluster).


  • When exporting CSV, some numeric fields aren't exported #146

  • Text datatype fields can't be sorted upon because of field_data. We now detect if a sub-field with Keyword datatype is present and then sort by that instead, otherwise not show a sort option #147

  • An issue similar to the above affected pagination requests when a sort was applied on a Keyword sub-field. We had to ensure the pagination request would use the sortby field as the same Keyword sub-field #148

  • A bug when SearchableText type was applied. While we set indexing time analyzer to n_gram, the search time analyzer was set as standard (by default). We have now changed the search time analyzer to be simple to prevent edge-case accuracy issues when searching #151

  • The necessary analyzers for the Text and SearchableText type related mappings were not being set by dejavu. We have fixed this #154

  • When using an alias (for an index), the app didn't load correctly. We have fixed this to ensure dejavu works with both an actual index name or its alias #150

  • Fixed an overflow issue with a GeoPoint type field #153


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