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Kubernetes 1.8.8-beta.0 和 1.8.7,容器集群管理系统
局长 2018年01月18日

Kubernetes 1.8.8-beta.0 和 1.8.7,容器集群管理系统

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容器集群管理系统发布了 1.8.8-beta.0 和 1.8.7 版本,1.8.7 有以下值得关注的更新:

  • fix device name change issue for azure disk: add remount logic (#57953@andyzhangx)

  • GCE: Allows existing internal load balancers to continue using an outdated subnetwork (#57861@nicksardo)

  • fix azure disk not available issue when device name changed (#57549@andyzhangx)

  • Allow kubernetes components to react to SIGTERM signal and shutdown gracefully. (#57756@mborsz)

  • fix incorrect error info when creating an azure file PVC failed (#56550@andyzhangx)

  • GCE: Fixes ILB creation on automatic networks with manually created subnetworks. (#57351@nicksardo)

  • Configurable liveness probe initial delays for etcd and kube-apiserver in GCE (#57749@wojtek-t)

  • Fixes a bug where if an error was returned that was not an autorest.DetailedError we would return "not found", nilwhich caused nodes to go to NotReady state. (#57484@brendandburns)

查看 kubernetes-announce@ 和 CHANGELOG-1.8.md 以了解详细信息。

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