Apache Derby 发布,Java数据库

发布于 2010年05月20日
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Apache DerbyApache软件基金会所 研发的开放源码数据库管理系统;由于Derby是一个纯Java程式,因此只需要操作系统支援Java虚拟机,Derby 便可执行。


* Sequence Generators - Named generators for allocating successive, evenly spaced numbers.
* User-defined types - Named types bound to serializable Java objects.
* Restricted table functions - Limits on the columns and rows returned by table functions.
* XPLAIN statistics collection - Query plan statistics stored in tables for later analysis.
* GROUP BY ROLLUP - A subset of the SQL Standard ROLLUP functionality on the GROUP BY clause. See feature T431 of the SQL Standard.
* CROSS JOIN - CROSS JOIN syntax. See feature F401-04 of the SQL Standard.
* Named columns join - USING clauses in joins.
* SHOW FUNCTIONS - IJ command that lists stored functions.
* In-memory back end enhancements - Numerous improvements, including the ability to delete in-memory databases.
* ORDER BY in subqueries - Syntax for explicitly ordering rows returned by subqueries.
* OFFSET, FETCH FIRST/NEXT in subqueries - Generalized syntax for retrieving row subsets.
* NATURAL JOIN - Support for NATURAL JOIN. See feature T431 of the SQL Standard.
* Qualified identifers in ij - Ability to reference cursors and prepared statements in other connections.
* Configurable hash algorithm - Ability to customize the hash algorithm used by BUILTIN authentication.
* Context-sniffing scripts - Ability of shipped scripts to locate Derby jars when DERBY_HOME isn't set.
* Case-insensitive strings - Ability to ignore case in string comparisons and sorts.

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