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Glide 4.5.0 发布,Android 图片加载和缓存库
王练 2018年01月06日

Glide 4.5.0 发布,Android 图片加载和缓存库

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Glide 4.5.0 已发布,Glide 是一个 Android 上的图片加载和缓存库,其目的是实现平滑的图片列表滚动效果。


  • Add an API to pause all requests for a given Activity or Fragment to allow callers to manually reduce memory when their Fragment or Application is backgrounded 

  • Fully support Bitmap re-use for RGBA_F16 Bitmaps. Previously Glide supported decoding RGBA_F16Bitmaps, but would not re-use any stored in the BitmapPool when doing so

  • Support decoding Videos from resources as AssetFileDescriptors

  • Added support for the MediaMetadataRetriever#getScaledFrameAtTime method added in OMR1 to marginally reduce memory usage when decoding video frames 

  • Support transcoding BitmapDrawables to byte[]

Breaking Changes:

  • Removed deprecated constructors requiring Contexts in most of Glide's default Transformation

  • The @NonNull and @Nullable annotations added in this release may break builds that depend on compiler plugins that do static nullability analysis, typically due a lack of annotations on any implemenations you might have of Glide's interfaces.


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