Dgraph v1.0.0 正式发布,低延迟的开源图数据库

发布于 2017年12月19日
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Dgraph v1.0.0 正式版已发布,发布主页上显示的更新内容是功能改进和对 bug 的修复,未发现新特性的增加。


  • 可使用 Ratel(Dgraph 浏览器)进行转换和修改操作

  • 导出现在使用正确的空白节点语法

  • DropAttr 现在也删除该属性的模式(以前只是删除 edge)

  • LRU大小现在基于 max_memory_mb 动态改变

  • 检查在使用之前是否定义了 GraphQL 变量

Bug 修复

  • Language tag parsing in queries now accepts digits (in line with RDF parsing).

  • Ensure that GraphQL variables are declared before use.

  • Membership stream doesn't get stuck if node steps down as leader.

  • Fix issue where sets were not being returned after doing a S P * deletion when part of same

  • Empty string values are stored as it is and no strings have special meaning now.

  • Correctly update order of facetMatrix when orderdesc/orderasc is applied.

  • Allow live and bulk loaders to work with multiple zeros.

  • Fix sorting for predicates with multiple language tags.

  • Fix alias edge cases in normalize directive.

  • Allow reading new index key mutated as part of same transaction.

  • Fix bug in value log GC in badger.

  • SIGINT now forces a shutdown after 5 seconds when there are pending RPCs.


DGraph 是可扩展的,分布式的,低延迟的图数据库。
DGraph 的目标是提供 Google 生产水平的规模和吞吐量,在超过TB的结构数据里,为用户提供足够低延迟的实时查询。DGraph 支持 GraphQL 作为查询语言,响应 JSON。

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