Wing IDE 3.2.7 发布,Python开发工具

发布于 2010年05月15日
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WingIDE是个相当优秀的 IDE;其编辑器包括大量语言的语法标签高亮显示。


1. A preference to control mini-search case sensitivity was added.
2. A "Debug to Here" editor context menu item and Alt-F5 binding were added.
3. Parsing of "from package.module import *" statements was fixed. Shared perspectives were fixed.
4. The default extension set in Windows file dialogs was improved.
5. Several VI mode improvements were made.
6. Several bugs were fixed in the Templates tool.
7. Confirmation is now requested when closing the Feedback and Bug Report windows.
8. The up and down arrow keys were fixed in the Debug I/O tool.
9. Several other minor bugs were fixed

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