InfiniDB 社区版发布 1.0.5 版本

发布于 2010年05月14日
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InfiniDB Community Edition (社区版)提供一个可伸缩的分析型数据库引擎,主要为数据仓库、商业智能、以及对实时性要求不严格的应用而开发。基于 MySQL 搭建。包括对查询、事务处理以及大数据量加载的支持。

Changes: This release includes fixes for controller node, which should log an alarm when read-only, a memory leak on hash join, similar queries returning different results, concurrent tests using large resources sometimes causing ExeMgr to abort, certain mixed outer join queries not supported, 8 concurrent UM hashjoin test causing ExeMgr to exit, the DBRMWorkerNode process dying during deletion of all rows, no error being returned when an expression resulted in data overflow, connections dropped silently in the concurrent test script, and cpimport setting the High Water Mark for dictionary store files prematurely

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