db4o 8.0 候选版发布

发布于 2010年05月13日
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db4o 8.0候选版发布了!db4o 是一个开源的纯面向对象数据库引擎,对于 Java 与 .NET 开发者来说都是一个简单易用的对象持久化工具,使用简单。同时,db4o 已经被第三方验证为具有优秀性能的面向对象数据库。





  • 重要性能
    • Internal Id system ( pluggable per our preferred approach ) will help with improving I/O, clustering, defragmentation, etc. *
    • Improved Memory Manager - reduces heap space by factor of 2
    • New cache options for different workloads
    • Fast Collection implementations ( BigSet )
    • Custom Type Handlers
    • Object pre-fetching for client/server optimization
  • 主要功能
    • Replication from db4o to big brother Versant. *
    • TP/TA for Java and .NET collections 
    • Silverlight and Mono support
    • .NET LINQ provider
    • Internationalization - Unicode, now also UTF-8 and other string encodings .. support Chinese, Japanese character sets
  • 主要开源代码
    • Expanded Open-Source licensing - Microsoft (Ms-PL, Ms-RL ) , FLOSS licenses, compatibility with GPL_v3
    • Open source of OME as Eclipse and Visual Studio plugins
    • DZone RefCard and new tech videos and podcasts
    • Android demo applications like MapMe
    • Eclipse and Visual Studio TA/TP plugins available
  • 主要使用功能
    • Secure Socket communications ( pluggable sockets )
    • Introduction of Maven snapshot repository
    • ADO .NET Data Services interface ( IQueryable, IUpdateable ) 
    • New runtime statistics gathering and visual profilers
    • mdRS - mobile dRS for Google Android users needing replication to relational database
    • Spring db4o Extension
    • Support for Array of Nullable types
    • New configuration Interfaces for simplified use
    • Support for .NET enums as value types
    •  First db in industry to support LINQ on CompactFramework
    • .NET Generic collection support
    • Commit callbacks for pushed updates to client caches 
    • TP for .NET LINQ provider
    • Collection aware dRS implementation 


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