Prototype 1.7 RC2 发布,Ajax框架

发布于 2010年05月13日
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该版本是 Prototype 1.7 的最后一个 RC 版本,正式版很快就会推出。


* Remove redefinition of `Element#cumulativeOffset` when `getBoundingClientRect` is present, as it seems to give inaccurate results. (Andrew Dupont)
* Optimize element purging. (RStankov, Andrew Dupont)
* Add `Element.purge` for cleaning up event listeners and element storage keys on elements that will be removed from the page. Make `Element.update` perform similar cleanup automatically. (Andrew Dupont, Tobie Langel)
* The second argument to Event.Handler callbacks is the target element when no selector is present, or the matching element when a selector is present. Callbacks are always bound to the original element. (sam)
* Fix issue where `Element.Layout#get` would fail to interpret negative pixel values. (Sebastien Gruhier, Andrew Dupont)
* Fix bugs in layout.js. Add tests for `Element.Layout#toCSS`, `#toObject`, and `#toHash`. (RStankov, Andrew Dupont)
* Add `Element.Layout#toObject` and `Element.Layout.toHash`. (Andrew Dupont)
* Make `Element.Layout#toCSS` return camelized property names, as expected by `Element.setStyle`.

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