DRBD 管理控制台 0.7.3 发布

发布于 2010年05月11日
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DRBD Management Console 是一个用来简化管理基于 DRBDHeartbeat/OpenAIS 以及 Pacemaker 的集群系统。它无需在被管理的节点上安装任何代理或者是客户端程序,而是采用 SSH 方式直接连接。它用图形的方式概述了显示网卡和块设备的DRBD状态信息。

Changes: Constraints with not committed services were fixed. The SSH library was updated. Different timeouts are used for SSH commands. Pacemaker source and testing installation options are now hidden. Resources that don't have installed RA are now shown. DM devices are now visible in DRBD view. Popup menus were fixed. Non-root users are now allowed to use sudo. Resources are shown as migrated only if they were migrated

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