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Infinispan 9.2.0.Beta1 和 9.1.3.Final 发布
王练 2017年11月15日

Infinispan 9.2.0.Beta1 和 9.1.3.Final 发布

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Infinispan 9.2.0.Beta1 和 9.1.3.Final 已发布。Infinispan 是个开源的数据网格平台。它公开了一个简单的数据结构(一个Cache)来存储对象。虽然可以在本地模式下运行 Infinspan ,但其真正的价值在于分布式,在这种模式下,Infinispan 可以将集群缓存起来并公开大容量的堆内存。

9.2.0.Beta1 更新亮点:

  • New API for querying using Ickle via the REST server, taking advantage of the JSON/Protobuf interoperability [ISPN-8113].

  • Clustered Locks, first experimental release. A ClusteredLock is a data structure used for concurrent programming between Infinispan instances in cluster mode.

  • Clustered Counters have received serveral improvements. It's now possible to manage your counters via JMX [ISPN-7926] and other management methods are on the way. The strong counter has a new method: compare-and-swap [ISPN-8489]. If you used compare-and-set, the compare-and-swapmay improve your code performance. And last but not least, a new sync() method was added to the strong and weak counters, useful if you don't want to handle the CompletableFuture! 

  • Clustered Cache Configuration: Both EmbeddedCacheManager and RemoteCacheManager now have an API for creating/removing caches across the cluster [ISPN-7776]. Caches created with this API will also be created on any new members that will join the cluster. Additionally, the configuration for caches created in this way can be made persistent so that they are automatically recreated when a cluster restarts.

  • Server deployment of Lucene analyzers for remote query [ISPN-7714].

9.1.3.Final 和 9.2.0.Beta1 都增加了一些堆外改进和修复,完整信息可以点击这里这里找到。


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