ZK 3.5 released

发布于 2008年09月13日
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ZK是一套以 AJAX/XUL/Java 为基础的网页应用程式开发框架,用于丰富网页应用程式的使用接口。最大的好处是,在设计AJAX网络应用程式时,轻松简便的操作就像设计桌面程式一样。近日ZK发布最新版本3.5,新版本有很多的新特性以及对上一个版本的bug修正:

o 1973888: Listbox support Listgroupfoot in Group 
o 1972591: Grid support Groupfoot in Group 
o 1907300: Listbox: support grouping 
o 1997391: Provide a new component, Panel, like Window but more richer 
o 2002986: Columnlayout Component 
o 2049401: Provide a new component, Portal Layout, like iGoogle 
o 2014828: Implement ZK own Fisheye component 
o 2019158: Provide a Menupopup for Columns component 
o 1959952: Support Comet-based Server Push 
o 1951422: Grid: support grouping 
o 2032202: Provide a detail component as master details 
o 1962747: Allow to specify a XML fragment as compnent's content 
o 1901211: Simplify the outline of Menu component with single TD 
o 1845373: Support switch/case and choose/when 
o 1925928: Add Spinner Component 
o 1926069: Pass current value for bandbox/comobox in onOpen 
o 1890941: chart support bubble chart 
o 1890942: chart support wafermap chart 
o 1890944: chart support gannt chart 
o 1890943: chart support wind chart 
o 1937237: Grid support vflex like Listbox and Tree 
o 1957737: Support the function-mapper directive 
o 1955900: A subscribe/publish meachism to handle events 
o 1959380: Window support both properties minheight and minwidth 
o 1955562: For theme: menuitem unchecked not visible 
o 1895872: Keyboard support for menues 
o 1944610: Data Binding support non-distinct collection items 
o 1977343: The booting progress bar covers only ZK page if included 
o 1981878: Groupbox's default mold support open/close effect as 3d mold 
o 1990503: The blank text shall be preserved for some components 
o 1997383: Provide a panel mold for Toolbar as Panel's foot toolbar 
o 1997384: Toolbar support alignment control 
o 2009346: Support event listener of ZK client cmp for cmp developer 
o 1444991: Minimize / Maximize window decorations 
o 2023188: A way to avoid the conflict of the prototype's method names 
o 2032228: A way to call PerformanceMeter in ZK Loader 
o 2039788: A way to notify parent if iframe's URL or bookmark changed 
o 2041292: Borderlayout support title and animation like Outlook 
o 2046034: Trendy Button 
o 2046129: Trendy Slider and veritcal orient 
o 2056723: Support tabbox scrolling and new mold 
o 2056753: Tablelayout 
o 2063596: A way to specify where to generate JS/CSS in ZHTML pages 
o 2045837: PerformanceMeter adds the time after updating all components 
o 2052603: A way to proxy ComponentInfo with ComposerExt 
o 2045810: AnnotatedDataBinderInit accept relative path in arg0 
o 2060367: More neat startup log for ignorable errors 
o 2066299: fulfill: fire onFulfill after fulfilling the children 
o 2070812: Fulfill allows to specify URI to create children from 
o 2075293: Allow to specify listener in metainfo/zk/config.xml 
o 2086401: A way to 'reset' component ID to be anonymous 
o 2090533: button/listcell/menu/tab... supports the hover image 
o 2092160: Image supports hover image 
o 2092356: Unwrap ForwardEvent automatically in GenericEventListener 
o 2094526: Components.wireVariables() shall wire implicit objects


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