Visifire v3.5.2 beta 2 发布

发布于 2010年05月08日
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  • New Property named ClosestPlotDistance has been implemented in Axis. It defines the distance between two closest plots where plot is a single DataPoint or a group of DataPoints which are drawn under same XValue. Plot is generic term which is applicable for all type of chart combination (Single series, Multiple Series and Multi-series stacked). Currently this property is applicable for AxisX. You can go through Visifire documentation for more info.
  • Quality of shadow has been improved for the DataSeries and DataPoints.
  • New Property named ShadowEnabled has been added in Legend.
  • New properties IncludeYValueInLegend and IncludePercentageInLegend have been added in DataSeries. IncludeYValueInLegend property will allow you to display YValue in Legend. IncludePercentageInLegend property will allow you to display percentage value in Legend. You can go through Visifire documentation for more info.
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  • Events were not getting detached while DataSource property of DataSeries was changed, Chart was getting removed and added back to parent.
  • In WPF, Chart was throwing exception if new Axis was added in Loaded event of Window.

Visifire v3.0.9 beta 2 for Silverlight 3 has also been released with the above described features and bug fixes.

下载 Visifire v3.0.9 beta 2 & v3.5.2 beta 2  here.

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