JBoss Portlet Bridge 2.0.0 Final

发布于 2010年05月06日
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JBoss Portlet Bridge 是对 JSR-301 和 JSR 329 草案实现,用以支持在 portlet 中使用 JSF 技术开发,以及增强对其他 Web 框架的支持,当前支持 JSFSeamRichFaces 等。

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  • [PBR-105] - ActionResponse.sendRedirect is not posible
  • [PBR-117] - NPE in seam.navigation.Pages during a call to getRequestUrl()
  • [PBR-123] - Session scoped Seam component calls PortalIdentity.instance().getPrincipal() which returns null.
  • [PBR-138] - No confirmation message appear in SeamBooking demo
  • [PBR-141] - Illegal argument exception with selectOneRadioButton
  • [PBR-144] - Seam java.lang.IllegalStateException: No active application context at portlet Render Phase
  • [PBR-146] - Seam booking example - application.xml should be generated by Maven Cargo
  • [PBR-147] - LifecycleId already added for id: SEAM_PORTLET.
  • [PBR-148] - a4j:loadStyle not working with GateIn
  • [PBR-153] - Plain JSP JSF portlet throws javax.faces.application.ViewExpiredException
  • [PBR-159] - RichFaces autocomplete does not work in portlets in the jboss portal

Feature Request

  • [PBR-119] - Change portletbridge archetypes to work with JBoss Tools and m2eclipse
  • [PBR-132] - Support JSF default locale
  • [PBR-151] - Reset portlet view state when switching modes.
  • [PBR-152] - Finish implementation of RF file upload createTempFiles


  • [PBR-154] - 2.0 GA Doc changes
  • [PBR-155] - Implement Bridge 2.0 ELResolver requirements
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