Prometheus 1.8.0 发布,服务监控系统

发布于 2017年10月09日
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服务监控系统 Prometheus 1.8.0 已发布,Prometheus 是一个 Go 语言开发的开源的服务监控系统和时间序列数据库。


  • [CHANGE] Rule links link to the Console tab rather than the Graph tab to not trigger expensive range queries by default.

  • [FEATURE] Ability to act as a remote read endpoint for other Prometheus servers.

  • [FEATURE] K8s SD: Support discovery of ingresses.

  • [FEATURE] Consul SD: Support for node metadata.

  • [FEATURE] Openstack SD: Support discovery of hypervisors.

  • [FEATURE] Expose current Prometheus config via /status/config.

  • [FEATURE] Allow to collapse jobs on /targets page.

  • [FEATURE] Add /-/healthy and /-/ready endpoints.

  • [FEATURE] Add color scheme support to console templates.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Remote storage connections use HTTP keep-alive.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improved logging about remote storage.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Relaxed URL validation.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Openstack SD: Handle instances without IP.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Make remote storage queue manager configurable.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Validate metrics returned from remote read.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] EC2 SD: Set a default region.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Changed help link to

  • [BUGFIX] Fix floating-point precision issue in deriv function.

  • [BUGFIX] Fix pprof endpoints when -web.route-prefix or -web.external-url is

  • [BUGFIX] Fix handling of null target groups in file-based SD.

  • [BUGFIX] Set the sample timestamp in date-related PromQL functions.

  • [BUGFIX] Apply path prefix to redirect from deprecated graph URL.

  • [BUGFIX] Fixed tests on MS Windows.

  • [BUGFIX] Check for invalid UTF-8 in label values after relabeling.


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