Tails 3.2 rc1 发布,内建因特网匿名访问的 Linux 发行版

发布于 2017年09月24日
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Tails3.2 rc1 发布了,Tails(The Amnesic Incognito Live System) 是基于 Debian 的自启动光盘或 USB 发行,其目标是为用户提供完整的因特网匿名功能。


  • Upgrade to Tails Installer 4.4.19, which gets rid of the splash screen, detects when Tails already is installed on the target device (and then proposes to upgrade), and generally improves the UX. We are very interested in reports about problems with this new version of Tails Installer.

  • The Root Terminal has gone through some significant back-end changes; please make sure it works like before (or better)!

  • Add PPPoE support; if you have a DSL or dial-up connection that uses PPPoE, please give it a try!

  • Bluetooth support is now completely disabled (details: #14655). If this makes it hard for you to use Tails, please let us know!

  • Upgrade to Linux 4.12.12, which improves hardware support, e.g. better support for the NVIDIA Maxwell series of graphics cards.

  • Upgrade to Thunderbird 52.3.0. Ideally it should work exactly like before, or better.



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