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Kubernetes 1.7.6 版本发布,容器集群管理系统
两味真火 2017年09月23日

Kubernetes 1.7.6 版本发布,容器集群管理系统

两味真火 两味真火 发布于2017年09月23日 收藏 2

近期 Kubernetes 版本发布较频繁啊,距离 Kubernetes 1.8.0-beta.1 版本发布1周时间,1.7 release 版跟着发布了 1.7.6 版本,感谢社区如此勤劳的更新 :) 此次版本相比1.7.5大概更新了13处,如下:

  • 下载 Kubernetes 1.7.6

  • kubernetes.tar.gz

  • Source code (zip)

  • Source code (tar.gz)

  • 其他请参考:https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/releases/tag/v1.7.6

  • [fluentd-gcp addon] Fluentd will trim lines exceeding 100KB instead of dropping them. (#52289@crassirostris)

  • Cluster Autoscaler 0.6.2 (#52359@mwielgus)

  • Add –request-timeout to kube-apiserver to make global request timeout configurable. (#51415@jpbetz)

  • Fix credentials providers for docker sandbox image. (#51870@feiskyer)

  • Fix security holes in GCE metadata proxy. (#51302@ihmccreery)

  • Fixed an issue looking up cronjobs when they existed in more than one API version (#52227@liggitt)

  • Fixes an issue with upgrade requests made via pod/service/node proxy subresources sending a non-absolute HTTP request-uri to backends (#52065@liggitt)

  • Fix a kube-controller-manager crash which can result when --concurrent-resource-quota-syncs is >1 and pods exist in the system containing certain alpha/beta annotation keys. (#52092@ironcladlou)

  • Make logdump support kubemark and support gke with ‘use_custom_instance_list’ (#51834@shyamjvs)

  • Fixes an issue with APIService auto-registration affecting rolling HA apiserver restarts that add or remove API groups being served. (#51921@liggitt)

  • In GCE with COS, increase TasksMax for Docker service to raise cap on number of threads/processes used by containers. (#51986@yujuhong)

  • Fix providerID update validation (#51761@karataliu)

  • Automated cherry pick of #50381 to release-1.7 (#51871@feiskyer)

  • The emptyDir.sizeLimit field is now correctly omitted from API requests and responses when unset. (#50163@jingxu97)

  • Calico has been updated to v2.5, RBAC added, and is now automatically scaled when GCE clusters are resized. (#51237@gunjan5)

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