Univention Corporate Server 4.2-2 发布

发布于 2017年09月12日
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Univention Corporate Server 4.2-2 发布了。该版本为 UCS 4.2-1 发布的所有勘误更新,并提供各种改进和错误修复,特别是在以下几个方面:该门户网站现在也很容易在云设置中使用。 例如,在 UCS 上安装的服务可以直接访问,无需进一步的配置步骤等。 


  •      The portal is now also easily usable in cloud setups. The services installed on UCS are directly accessible without further configuration steps. For this purpose, the portal converts existing links into relative links. For portal entries with multiple links, heuristic procedures are used to determine the best link.

  •             The usability of the management system has been improved further. Users and groups can be copied, the error handling has been enhanced in various places and the performance has been increased.

  •             Every app provider can now create simple app appliances through the App Provider Portal. App appliances bundle an app with UCS into a directly usable virtual machine. In addition, the integration depth of the apps can be significantly increased by so-called app settings. These can be created by the app provider simply via the provider portal without additional programming knowledge.

  •             Various security updates have been integrated into UCS 4.2-2, e.g. OpenLDAP, the Linux kernel, Samba, MySQL and PostgreSQL.    


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