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SmartGit 17.1 preview 15 发布,Git 客户端
达尔文 2017年09月09日

SmartGit 17.1 preview 15 发布,Git 客户端

达尔文 达尔文 发布于2017年09月09日 收藏 4

SmartGit 17.1 preview 15 发布了,SmartGit 是一个 Git 版本控制系统的图形化客户端程序。主要更新内容如下:

  • Git:

    • Branches: Set Tracked Branch could suggest wrong branch

    • Changes: changed line-endings were shown for changed submodule

    • Commit: comparing added file in staged mode showed working tree changes

  • Log:

    • Delete was enabled if no branch or tag was selected

  • Refresh problem after replacing entire repository ("can't find commit")

  • merge/rebase/cherry-pick failed with serious error for mild errors like 

    conflicts - now with a warning

  • SVN:

    • Refresh: internal error when opening SVN clone with submodules

    • Delete: could not delete dangling link (Linux)

  • GUI:

    • Changes: fixed possible internal error switching from compact to normal display

    • F2 in the Files view triggered rename stash instead of rename file

    • Preferences: Add/Edit external tool dialog rejected invalid but disabled

      confirmation message

    • Windows 10: table header was hardly distinguishable from normal rows


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