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CakePHP 3.5.0 发布,PHP 开发框架 
两味真火 2017年08月20日

CakePHP 3.5.0 发布,PHP 开发框架 

两味真火 两味真火 发布于2017年08月20日 收藏 3

CakePHP 3.5.0 发布了。CakePHP 是一个运用了诸如 ActiveRecord、Association Data Mapping、Front Controller 和 MVC 等著名设计模式的快速开发框架。该项目主要目标是提供一个可以让各种层次的 PHP 开发人员快速地开发出健壮的 Web 应用,而又不失灵活性。


  • Scoped Middleware - Middleware can now be conditionally applied to routes in specific URL scopes. This allows you to build specific stacks of middleware for different parts of your application without having to write URL checking code in your middleware.

  • New Middleware - New middleware was added to apply CSRF tokens, and encrypted cookies.

  • Improved Console Environment - A new console dispatcher has been added, integrating the Application class into the CLI environment. Integration testing helpers have been added making testing console commands simpler.

  • Helpful Console Errors - Missing options & subcommands now make suggestions of valid options instead of just erroring out.

  • Cache Engine Fallbacks - Cache engines can now be configured with a fallback key that defines a cache configuration to fall back to if the engine is misconfigured (or unavailable).

  • Cookie Objects - New Cookie & CookieCollection classes have been added. These classes allow you to work with cookies in an object-orientated way.

  • dotenv Support added to Application Skeleton - The application skeleton now features a 'dotenv' integration making it easier to use environment variables to configure your application.


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