Apache Qpid JMS 0.24.0,Java Message Service 客户端

发布于 2017年08月10日
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Apache Qpid JMS 0.24.0 已发布,Qpid JMS 是一个使用 Qpid Proton 协议引擎的 Java Message Service 客户端。支持基于 Apache Qpid Proton 协议引擎的高级消息队列协议 1.0(AMQP 1.0, ISO/IEC 19464, http://www.amqp.org),并实现了 AMQP JMS 映射在 OASIS 的发展。



  • QPIDJMS-303 - Add support for SASL GSSAPI Kerberos mechanism

  • QPIDJMS-304 - Cleanup the Session handling of its executor thread tracking

  • QPIDJMS-306 - Use a more fitting data structure for inbound message queue

Bug 修复

  • QPIDJMS-293 - the WebSocket transport does not handle continuation frames

  • QPIDJMS-294 - The SCRAM-SHA-* SASL mechanisms should verify the server final message if it is sent in the additional-data field of sasl-outcome

  • QPIDJMS-299 - executor thread factories can retain closed connection objects due to implicit parent references

  • QPIDJMS-300 - Possible thread leak on simultaneous local and remote connection close

  • QPIDJMS-301 - Pooled Buffer leak possible on send when connection has dropped

  • QPIDJMS-302 - an NPE can occur when trying to throw a JMSException to indicate the connection failed

  • QPIDJMS-305 - Potential race on sasl authentication failures can throw wrong exception on connect

  • QPIDJMS-307 - fix handling of tx declare rejection while creating a transacted Session



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