Rundeck v2.9.1 发布,服务器自动化操作

发布于 2017年08月06日
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Rundeck v2.9.1 已发布,RunDeck 是用 Java/Grails 写的开源工具,帮助用户在数据中心或者云环境中自动化各种操作和流程。通过命令行或者 web 界面,用户可以对任意数量的服务器进行操作,大大降低了对服务器自动化的门槛。

此版本包含许多增强功能,有关详细信息,查看 2.9.0 更新日志

  1. Data Capture/Data Passing between steps

    • Data capture plugin to match a regular expression in a step's log output and pass the values to later steps

  2. Log Filter Plugins

    • These plugins can be applied to individual steps, or to the entire workflow

    • Data type plugins can detect or mark formatted data such as JSON, CSV, HTML, Markdown, etc. and render it in the GUI

    • Mask Passwords plugin removes any values from secure input options before it is logged

    • Highlighting/quelling: highlight keywords or selectively quell output from verbose scripts

    • (And of course, you can write your own plugins...)

  3. New Job and Project features:

    • Export a project to another Rundeck instance

    • Copy a Job to another Project

    • Reference a Job in another Project

    • Check state of a job in another project

    • Disable Job Schedules or all Executions for a project

    • Improved Time Zone support

    • Allow matching 0 nodes as success condition

    • Retry delay

  4. GUI changes

    • Rearranged the Project and System configuration pages and navigation

    • Job workflow editor enhancements


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