Django 1.11.4 发布,Python 的 Web 框架

发布于 2017年08月02日
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Django 是一个高级的 Python Web 框架,旨在快速开发和简单,实用的设计。

Django 1.11.4 已发布,该版本修复了 1.11.3 中的一些 bug ,具体如下:

  • Fixed a regression in 1.11.3 on Python 2 where non-ASCII ``format`` values for date/time widgets results in an empty ``value`` in the widget's HTML

  • Fixed ``QuerySet.union()`` and ``difference()`` when combining with a queryset raising ``EmptyResultSet``

  • Fixed a regression in pickling of ``LazyObject`` on Python 2 when the wrapped object doesn't have ``__reduce__()``.

  • Fixed crash in ``runserver``'s ``autoreload`` with Python 2 on Windows with non-``str`` environment variables.

  • Corrected ``Field.has_changed()`` to return ``False`` for disabled form fields: ``BooleanField``, ``MultipleChoiceField``, ``MultiValueField``, ``FileField``, ``ModelChoiceField``, and ``ModelMultipleChoiceField``.

  • Fixed ``QuerySet.count()`` for ``union()``, ``difference()``, and ``intersection()`` queries.

  • Fixed ``ClearableFileInput`` rendering as a subwidget of ``MultiWidget`` . Custom ``clearable_file_input.html`` widget templates will need to adapt for the fact that context values ``checkbox_name``, ``checkbox_id``, ``is_initial``, ``input_text``,``initial_text``, and ``clear_checkbox_label`` are now attributes of ``widget`` rather than appearing in the top-level context.

  • Fixed queryset crash when using a ``GenericRelation`` to a proxy model


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