Fotoxx 10.2 发布,照片处理软件

发布于 2010年04月24日
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Fotoxx 是一款 Linux 平台下用于处理照片的一个开源的自由软件,虽然不及大家熟知的“光影魔术手”的功能那么强大,但对于照片的日常上的简单处理还是足够了。可以进行简单的去 红眼,补光,模糊化,角度调整,裁减,形变,等等常用的照片处理。

1. This version adds a few minor features and user interface improvements.
2. A history of edits made on an image is recorded under the EXIF key, Edit Status.
3. The View EXIF function updates itself when a new file is opened in the browser.
4. Two new functions were added: add or modify an EXIF key, and delete a specific key or all EXIF data.
5. Undo/redo was added to White Balance.
6. Blend-width was added to the Tile function.
7. Tone Mapping was made about 30% faster for multi-core processors, and progress tracking was added to improve feedback for slow processors.
8. Two minor bugs were fixed

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