RSyslog Windows Agent 4.2 发布

发布于 2017年07月25日
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RSyslog Windows Agent 4.2 发布了。这个小版本除了一些错误修复(详见版本历史)以及增加了一些新的功能外,最重要的是在过滤属性时使用正则表达式作比较。Properties也可以转换成IPv4或IPv6地址,以及Syslog Priority/Facility 可以在日志的操作中被覆盖。


  • Syslog Action: Added support to overwrite Syslog Priority/Facility

  • Property Engine: Added two new property replacer options "toipv4address" and "toipv6address" to resolve a property into a valid IPv4 or IPv6 Address.

  • Filter Engine: Implemented a new regular expressions compare operation.
    More details on how to use REGEX can be found in the new documentation.

  • Configuration Reload: Added new options to add a random delay between configuration checks. The delay is limited to 60 seconds as it will also delay the service control manager communication.

bug 修复:

  • Syslog Action: Fixed bug in Syslog Cache processing when saved messages were larger than 4096 bytes.

  • Filter Engine: Fixed Extended IP Filtering when using lower or greater compare operation.

  • File Configuration: Fixed reading Filter values containing backslashes.
    They weren’t removed properly in filter values.


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