Elive 2.9.5 (Beta) 发布,基于 Debian 发行版

发布于 2017年07月24日
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Elive 2.9.5 (Beta) 发布了,Elive,或者称为Enlightenment live CD,是基于Debian的桌面Linux发行及自启动运行光盘,其特色在于使用Enlightenment窗口管理器。除了进行预配置并适合于日常桌面 应用外,它还包含了“Elpanel”,一份面向简易系统及桌面管理的控制中心。Elive是商业发行;尽管自启动运行光盘可免费下载获取,希望将其安装 到硬盘的用户需要支付15美元以获得安装模块。


  • Designs: Great improvements in the designs for the stable release! Overall cleanup, lots of transparent elements, logo animated at start, shadows 3d effect, clock design, you can see a preview here!

  • Unique Features: The borders has now 4 buttons instead of 3, and there’s a hidden one that appears if a window cannot be closed

  • Effects: The visual effects stability is improved specially in the Live mode and there’s a fix for the locked desktop when using it

  • Eltrans: Our translator tool has the counter for translated sentences fixed and there’s a fix in the grammar checker. Please be a translator before the stable release!

  • Extra: you can use ctrl+s in vim to save files now, tagbar feature also recognizes EDC source files which makes them very handy to browse elements!


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