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MongooseJS 4.11.4 发布,MongoDB 连接包
两味真火 2017年07月24日

MongooseJS 4.11.4 发布,MongoDB 连接包

两味真火 两味真火 发布于2017年07月24日 收藏 4 评论 0

MongooseJS 4.11.4 发布了,MongooseJS 是使用 JavaScript 编程,连接 MongoDB 数据库的软件包,使 MongoDB 的文档数据模型变的优雅起来,方便对 MongoDB 文档型数据库的连接和增删改查等常规数据操作。本次更新内容如下:

  • fix: handle next() errors in eachAsync() #5486 lchenay

  • fix(schema): propagate runSettersOnQuery option to implicitly created schemas #5479 []

  • fix(query): run castConditions() correctly in update ops #5477

  • fix(query): ensure castConditions called for findOne and findOneAnd* #5477

  • docs: clarify relationship between $lookup and populate #5475 TalhaAwan

  • test: add coverage for arrays of arrays zbjornson

  • fix(middleware): ensure that error handlers for save get doc as 2nd param #5466

  • fix: handle strict: false correctly #5454 #5453 wookieb

  • fix(query): apply schema excluded paths if only projection is a $slice #5450

  • fix(query): correct discriminator handling for schema select: false fields in schema #5448

  • fix(cursor): call next() in series when parallel option used #5446

  • chore: load bundled driver first to avoid packaging problem #5443 prototypeme

  • fix(query): defer condition casting until final exec #5434

  • fix(aggregate): don't rely on mongodb aggregate to put a cursor in the callback #5394

  • docs(aggregate): add useMongooseAggCursor docs #5394

  • docs(middleware): clarify context for document, query, and model middleware #5381



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