Angular 4.3.0 正式发布,Web 前端框架

发布于 2017年07月15日
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Angular 4.3.0 已正式发布,该版本主要是 bug 修复和新功能的添加,详细如下:

Bug 修复:

  • compiler: avoid emitting self importing factories (4352dd2)

  • compiler-cli: find lazy routes in nested module import arrays (8c89cc4)

  • core: add needed closure compiler warning suppression (e80851d)

  • core: argument destructuring sometimes breaks strictNullChecks (c59c390)

  • language-service: infer any ngForOf of type any (f194f18)

  • language-service: rollup tslib into the language service package (4e6be15)

  • router: fix outdated homepage url in NPM package (#17899) (df06e8b)

  • router: update the version placeholder so that it gets replaced during the build (d3c92a3), closes #17403

  • tsc-wrapped: report errors for invalid ast forms (#17994) (ce0f4f0)

  • tsc-wrapped: support as and class expressions (#16904) (45ffe54)

  • tsc-wrapped: skip collecting metadata for default functions (46ddf50)

  • upgrade: bring the dynamic version closer to the static one (11db3bd), closes #16627 #11044


  • animations: support disabling animations for sub elements (8e28382), closes #16483

  • common/http: new HttpClient API (37797e2)

  • common/http: on-by-default XSRF support in HttpClient (#18108) (dd04f09), closes #18100

  • compiler: adds support for quoted object keys in the parser (798947e)

  • compiler: do not evaluate metadata expressions that can use references (#18001) (ddb766e)

  • compiler: update the schema by extracting from latest chrome (#17858) (dd7c113)

  • compiler: add support ::ng-deep (b754e60)

  • compiler-cli: add parameters to ngc main needed by bazel rules (#17885) (c1474f3)

  • compiler-cli: new compiler api and command-line using TypeScript transformers (3097083)

  • core: update zone.js to 0.8.12 (5ac3919)

  • router: add router-level events for GuardsCheck and Resolve (#17601) (8a1a989)

  • upgrade: fix support for in upgraded components (0193be7)



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